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Once a year we take an offering that is above and beyond our normal tithe, so we can continue to build God’s church and expand our vision. We call it our "Kingdom Builders Offering" because we want to build the Kingdom of God here on earth. Matthew 6:10 ESV Your kingdom come, your will be done, on earth as it is in heaven. If you would like to take part in our Kingdom Builders Offering when you give click the "Kingdom Builders Offering" fund and all resources go to expand our vision here at 1Name so we can build God's kingdom here on earth. 

Kingdom Builders 2023-2024 season starts December 10th 2023

Ways to participate in Kingdom Builders this Season:

1) If you haven't started Tithing. Start your Tithing Journey this KB season. 



2) If you already tithe, Give above your tithe towards the Kingdom Builders offering to help expand the vision of 1Name. We will be giving our KB offering together on December 10th 2023. 

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  • 574 people accepted Jesus

  • 77 people have been Baptized

  • 624 people have come to 1Name for the first time.

  • Average Sunday Gathering Attendance has grown 19.6% from 2022 to 2023.

  • $121,898.93 has been given towards our Kingdom Builders Offering.

  • $20,513.56 has been given towards Church Planting. Given to ARC and to 1Name Friends & Family Churches. ARC has Planted over 1,000 Churches.


1Name Church is ARC church Plant #918!

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Look what God has done through the generosity of our Kingdom Builders in 2022-2023.


Kingdom Builders 2022/2023 Season

October 23rd 2022 - October 29th 2023

$37,145.20 was given towards our Kingdom Builders Offering during the last season 2022/2023

2022-2023 Operational Overview:

  • $350,433.63 has been given to our General Fund (Tithes) 

  • Monthly Operating Cost: 30k 

Last Kingdom Builders Season we used the $37,145.20 that was given towards our KB Offering to expand our vision in these 3 areas:


1. Building our Outreach Ministry 

2. Growing our team

3. Enlarging our territory

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Look what God has done through the generosity of our Kingdom Builders in 2022-2023 to grow our Outreach Ministry.


Growth of our Outreach Ministry: Serve Days, Resources Given and Organizations Served!

  • 4 Serve Days 

  • 4,907.56 was given to put on our Serve days and resource our Outreach Partners.

  • 7 Organizations Served

  • February Bear Drive: 112 Bears given to Joe DiMaggio's Children's Hospital. 

  • August Back to School Supply Drive: 410 Supplies & 34 Book Bags given to Nova High School. 

  • 2 Invite Outreach's Easter and Fall: 400 people invited to 1Name Sunday Gatherings

  • November Thanksgiving Food Drive: 250 canned goods given Families at Nova High School. 

  • December Toy Drive: 200 toys give to Joe DiMaggio's Children's Hospital.

  • 3,147.98 Was given to our Disaster Relief Fund to help with Hurricane Ian Relief.

  • 70 servant Leaders have served at our Serve Days.  

Places we have served:

  • His House

  • NOVA High School

  • Hope for South Florida

  • Kids in Distress

  • City of Plantation

  • Broward Mall

  • Next Level Church

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Look what God has done through the generosity of our Kingdom Builders in 2022-2023 to Grow our Team: 

  • Hired 2 contracted Staff: Outreach Director & Worship Director.

  • $19,533.50 has been spent this season to resource our staff.

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 Look what God has done through the generosity of our Kingdom Builders in 2022-2023 to Enlarge our Territory so we can save for a permanent Facility.

  • Put $11,795.35k into WIF savings this season.

  • Currently have ​​$67,558.72 in WIF Savings Account.

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1. Enlarging our Territory:

  • Continue to save for a permanent Facility. We want to create capital for future purchase of a facility, Short term Goal: 200,000 in Savings for Building Fund. Need 130k to reach that goal. 

  • Open 1Name HQ. We need a place to do ministry during the week. Goal 60k to be able to rent/lease for a year.  


2. Outreach:

 More Serve Days, more Resources to invest into Church Planting and our Outreach partners, More Community Events, More Resources to make in impact in our Community. Continued Growth for the Outreach Ministry.


3. Team Growth:

More staff hires & more resources to support our current staff. More resources to train and EQUIP our Staff and Servant Leaders to do the ministry they are called to do. 



Everything you give towards Kingdom Builders offering in 2023-2024 goes towards building these 3 areas.

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