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“1Name Cares For You”

We have developed an ongoing collection of curriculum, workshops, and groups known as 1Name Care that can help you navigate through seasons, to find freedom, and to walk in the path that God has planned for you.


The Goal of 1Name Care is to help YOU with SPIRITUAL DEVELOPMENT & PERSONAL GROWTH. 

This is the space where we care for your spiritual development and personal growth. If you have areas that you are looking to lean into to become all that God has created you to be, we want to help. We've provided a collection of classes/workshops that you can take to help you dive deeper into specific topics. Topics like marriage, healing, financial freedom, freedom from addiction, and so much more.


There are 4 Areas we focus on in 1Name Care: 






February 18th & 25th 2024

The Relationship Panel: is a time to equip Relationships to become whole by having a Q&A with a panel of spiritual leaders, Covering conflict resolution, sex and intimacy, finances, spiritual unity, husband/wife roles, dating and more.​


     February 18th: Single     February 25th: Married


May 19th 2024

Habits of the Household Workshop:  A workshop that is designed to equip parents with habits to lead their household in the ways of Jesus. 


January 11th, 18th, 25th, February 1st 2024

The Blessed life Workshop:  The Blessed life Workshop is a 4 week workshop designed to teach you the biblical principles on giving and living a blessed life. 


 September 2024

Freedom Group:  is a Christ-centered program that helps you find freedom from addictions of any kind - depression, anxiety, hurts, habits and hang-ups. 



July 10th, 17th, 24th, 31st 2024

The Walk Workshop:  The walk workshop is a 4 week workshop designed to help answer frequently asked questions about faith with teachings, discussion questions, and reflective processing. The course is an open conversation which seeks to introduce the basics of the Christian faith, we want you to be resourced to answer tough questions about your faith as well as guide others to know more about the "why" behind our beliefs.

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